Valentines Card Fun

Han has always had a light-hearted gripe at me about how I don’t buy cards for people to celebrate or commiserate birthdays, anniversary’s, christmas and the like, and how this also includes her loving sweet self. So this year for Valentines I thought I would surprise her and make her a big amazing card to wow her and make her realise I put in a lot of thought, time and effort into these things.

Ok, ok …… I need to stop, I’ve already lied ….. 6 times, no wait, 7 times, in that last paragraph.

“Tell the truth Nick” says the little white angel on my right shoulder.

Fine. So, I was wondering around Dollarama on the 13th February wondering what I could get Han to supplement her cool teapot that I had bought her for Valentines – she likes Tea, and this one comes with a cup that fits over the lid. Yes you read that right – a cup that fits over the lid. I know – amazing right! Anyway, turns out that after picking up the ‘grow your own tomato plant’ seed packet, and the ‘decorative baking tins’ I looked down at what I was carrying and saw, well, a ‘grow your own tomato plant’ seed packet and some decorative baking tins, and I figured that I needed something with a little more substance. And then I wandered into the baby section and saw some stickers of giraffes.

“Han likes Giraffes …. ” I thought with a smile on my face. I’m going to get her some stickers of giraffes.

Back go the tomato plant and decorative baking tins (they were at least $8), and I carry on wandering with a great big smug ‘I’m the best boyfriend ever’ grin on my face. Now what to do with these stickers.

I know, I’ll make her a card and stick some giraffes on it. Amazing, this is coming together beautifully.

NO. WAY! They do stickers for babies with letters of the alphabet being depicted by animals. Han LOVES animals, I can spell her name out in baby stickers. Man, was I on a roll today or what?!

Ok I need some card – no problem, at 59c a sheet of A3 coloured card, Dollarama has it all. Throw in some more stickers of dinosaurs (because Dinosaurs are cool) and it was back home to start the card making.

And thats when work for the day took a backseat, and I started to create a popup card depicting a jungle / animal scene. You may have skimmed over that last sentence, so I’ll repeat one major word for you- popup! I know I know, cool hey! But as they say pictures paint a thousand words, so here’s how the shizzle went down (word).

IMG_0175IMG_0182IMG_0183IMG_0181IMG_0176IMG_0184IMG_0188IMG_0189IMG_0191IMG_0192IMG_0164 IMG_0193IMG_0194

The Final Masterpiece

So from far flung hopes of tomato plant crops supplementing our salads for years to come, I ended up with some cool girlfriend browny points, and a days worth of work to catch up on. Worth every minute!